Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mushroom House Update 3 ~ Ring and Deck Base

I knew I wanted a wrap around deck for the 2nd floor of the mushroom so decided to first make a ring around the mushroom much like the one pictured below and this ring would help hold up the deck base.

I made the ring with rolled up tinfoil then hot glued that to the house. I covered it with masking tape but I think I could have skipped this step since paper mache clay will stick to bare tinfoil but that's ok I didn't want to take a chance and have the clay come off. After that ring base was on and the clay all dry I painted it. While the paint dried I made the "ring" with masking tape. I folded strips in half, sticky sides together. Using scissors I frayed one edge then painted the masking tape. This was then hot glued to the ring base.

Oops! I forgot to get a photo of the ring glued to the edge. But you'll see some of it pictured below. Ok,  now I needed the deck floor which I made in 2 sections using cardboard cut to the shape of the house. This step was tricky to get the shape just right. I actually used a length
of tinfoil rolled up and then placed it around the house, pushing it into the shape of the house, taped parts of it so it would hold its shape then used that as a template. It worked!

And I forgot to take photos of the wooden sticks being put on, oops! I work sometimes late at night so I'll blame it on being distracted by the enjoyment of working in silence :) But I glued each stick on while the base was on the house, this took a long time! The base wasn't glued on yet so after one section was done I was able to take it off, stain it and work on the underside too. The underside got a layer of tinfoil, covered in masking tape then covered in glued soaked paper towel then stained to look like wood which I explain a bit more in the next update. After the base was glued in place I added more clay which is yet to be painted. I will be working more on the tape later to make it more realistic looking. You can also see that the deck has a wooden edging and that is just the same coffee stir sticks I used for the deck boards. They are quite flexible! I used hot glue then held each board in place until the glue dried. This was a bit scary since the glue is so hot but it worked and I managed to do this step without getting burned, whew!

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