Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tree House In The Making!

Gnomey and Abigail busy building a treehouse.. I think I want to live in this Mushroom House, what fun it would be!

There's more on the way so come back soon.

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See you there!


  1. Just love the stories! so cute those meeces, just love to make one wouldn't be as good though lol and adore Gnomey oh I think I have said that before! lol
    wow to think it all starts out with paper mache' gosh!!!!

    1. thank you so much Deni! I really appreciate your comments of love and kind words, they mean a lot!
      I think you should try a mouse.. I'm planning on getting a video together hopefully before Christmas and showing how I made mine. I need to get better at it too though, lol I want to make them with poseable limbs like Gnomey so it'll take some figuring out or I'll just have to make needle felted mice instead of clay ones.
      Yes paper mache is a wonder isn't it?! With just simple ing anyone can build a little dream home. I love it all so much and I'm so happy that some of you are enjoying this fantastic journey with me :)


  2. we are certainly all ears now on this journey with you!
    I think your a little like me. I'm not sure I do a really good job but I'm guessing it doesn't really matter, everyone has different abilities and its all good! lol ill be looking forward to seeing your tut on the meeces that will be great I'm a pattern girl! makes me mad sometimes,I cant seem to do it right just gotta have a pattern! arrgghh!!! at the moment Im trying to finish my little wonky house thought Id try a bit red mushroom still figuring it out


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