Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Magic Beans And Suddenly A Tree

Last night, sometime around 3 in the morning I thought I heard Gnomey whisper to Abigail something about some special beans he planted but I thought I must be dreaming and I went back to sleep. I went to check on them this morning but Gnomey stopped me and said,

"NO! Go away! Don't come back until I call you!" So I said, "Ok, ok, wow, SO pushy! That's just fine with me, I have other things I want to do anyway!"
But as I turned to leave I snapped a couple of  pictures, to spy on them and see if I can spot anything on the photos. But I looked at them just now and I can't believe it! Is that a tree?! Just what kind of beans were those?! There was never a tree there before. Gnomey and Abigail are up to something and it's a big secret.. I'll have to spy on them again later!

to be continued...


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