Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gnomey's No Sew Flowery Apron

The other day I made Gnomey an apron. He loves it so much he even volunteers to work in the kitchen just so he can wear it. I admire a
Gnome who's man enough to wear a flowery apron!

The How:

The only thing sewn on this apron is the metal snap closure. I did have it as a tie in the back at first but changed my mind, cut the ties shorter and sewed on the snaps instead. The rest of it is all hot-glued together. I used scrap fabric and lace.

I started with a length of solid lace long enough to fit around the gnome and a bit of overlap.
Then I glued a piece of fabric over the middle of the lace. This would be the bottom half of the apron. I scrunched the fabric along the top edge by pinching it with my fingers before the glue dried to add a bit of pleating.
Then the lace and fabric was glued over the top half of the apron. You can see these fabric pieces are just roughly cut out, no pattern. I just eyed up the gnome for size.
I cut 2 short lengths of  solid lace to go over the shoulders. These were glued in place on the top of the apron then the other ends glued to the lace in the back. Once everything was glued together and the snaps sewn on I ran a very light bead of glue all around the edge of the apron to keep it from fraying and at the same time I added some dainty pieces of lace to finish off the bottom and the collar of the apron and a short length across the middle. That's it. I didn't feel the need to work from a pattern or sew anything together, I was too impatient for that and glue is so much faster! Fabric glue could also be used, you would just have to wait for the glue to dry before moving on to the next steps. Hot glue is faster but I had to be very careful and use a steady hand as once the glue touches the fabric that's it, there's no doing it again.

You wear that apron well Gnomey. I'm so glad you like it!


  1. Gnomey está muy contento y le sienta muy bien.

  2. Love it! I follow your stories, don't say much, but I love them and Gnomey and his family.

  3. I'm crazy about your gnome houses!cant wait to try a small one first...did u make the stove too!? u give tutorials on the furniture u made too?u r sooo talented


  4. yes! I have a post about it and at the bottom is explains a little how I made it, with a few photos Cast Iron Stove I do plan on a video tutorial for it, one of these days, on my new youtube channel called, Where The Gnomes Live. If you use yt, subscribe to that channel to see new videos as they are uploaded.
    And thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!


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