Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Paper Mache Paste and Clay

paper mache clay projects

Hello friends!

Today I uploaded 3 videos to my new youtube channel. I'm excited because it's the paper clay that I used to make my mushroom house, mice, troll, snail, and many mushrooms! I've had so many requests about it, it's a thrill to have these videos available. I'll say no more, watch them right here but don't forget to go and subscribe to my channel "Where The Gnomes Live" so you don't miss any future updates. 

The first video is how to make the paste, the paste is one of the ingredients for making the clay


  1. Thank you Sharon that was great very easy to follow
    I always wondered what you used

    1. "very easy to follow" , Yay! That's like music to me ears, thank you!

  2. Sharon I just love your easy to follow instruction for making this paper mache clay. I could not wait to get the few things I needed to make it myself. I mixed up a batch and super excited to make something with it. I was looking for techniques you use to apply the clay to your mushroom houses or your treehouse. I can't seem to find any. Hoping you can point me in the right direction. Thank You

    1. that's great, I'm so glad!

      It sticks to tinfoil and to masking tape. I find it easier to apply it over dried paper towel myself. So, tinfoil, masking tape then paper towel dipped in glue. I mix the glue with a small amount of water to make it easier to pull off the paper.. you want to pull off excess glue then apply it to the surface.. again, some using this technique have put the clay right over the tinfoil. It's just personal preference. Whatever works for you.
      Once the surface is fully dry then I apply the clay with my hands, spreading it very thin. I suppose you could use a tool.. like a plastic rice spoon or something similar. I just use my fingers and squish it into place.. again, just a thin layer. It has to be left to dry, fully dried before any painting. I use fans, 1 or 2 fans at a time.
      Hope that helps!


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