Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Youtube Channel

Where the Gnomes Live,

I finally did it! I made a new youtube channel just for dollhouses and crafty things. This was a long time coming as I kept trying to decide if I should do it or not. Now that I've done it, I wonder why I didn't do it sooner!

The first video I uploaded was a long overdue update to my little dollhouse turned tree stump. I had filmed a series of 8 videos on my other channel then stopped. People often ask me where's the next update. It feels pretty good to be able to say, "why, it's right here, where the Gnomes live!"

I have to explain the un-professional looking background in the update. My home is very small and I couldn't find a spot to film me and that huge dollhouse together, so I put up a curtain between my living room and kitchen. It's not very appealing but at least I could get a good shot of the house.

Now I'll leave you with the updates, don't forget to subscribe even if you subscribe to my other channel, that other channel is just for crochet things now. Sub here.
My new youtube channel also comes with a new google plus page.

Dollhouse update 9 gives a background on the house
Dollhouse update 10 gives you a tour of the exterior and interior

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you soon!


  1. Your art absolutely mesmerizes me! I would love to be a Gnome living in one of your little houses.

  2. Your videos warm my heart sooo much. I live in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. I love everything you do. Thanks to you, I now crochet and I will try and make my own tree soon as well. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you

  3. Omg,that is absolutely adorable. Will you be making a tutorial for the house??????

    1. not for this one since it's so huge but I do have a fake bark tutorial, how to make wooden floor tutorial and how to make faux stone tutorial, all on my new channel. Plus I just uploaded a mushroom house tutorial and the walls were built the same way I built this gnome home. The gnome home has many additions that I added using the very same techniques shown on the mushroom house video. Look at all my latest uploads and also look in my playlists on youtube as well, everything you'd need to make a gnome home is there.

    2. Hi have created a monster in me.lim on my 3rd house..doing a fairy one for my granddaughter..have u done a tutorial on how to do the trunks yet?the pots and pans and lamps liv rm furniture and stove isn't make of tinfoil is it?how did u light up the house also..u r so creative and warms my heart to watch your dad...I wish I had my granddad still here to see mine..I can't believe he's 80 either..u r surely blessed...thx for the help and sharing your talent

  4. I was just amazed at the video of the house. Absolutely, amazing.

  5. I was so inspired and had to make my own

  6. Hello from Australia, Thank you so much for your wonderful easy to follow videos. No plan, just go for it. Love everything you do.


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