Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gift For Gnomey And Lost Glasses

It was time to close up the Post Office for the night. Gnomey stopped to admire his new postal scale for one last time before he left. He thought himself to be very lucky to have it as it will make his job much easier. He also felt sentimental knowing that parts, like the acorn cap, came from Finland.

(When I visited family there in 2014 I picked a pocket full of acorn caps from a tree that stood right beside a house my great grandfather had built. I knew I would use them one day in the dollhouse. I was
totally excited today when I got the idea to build the scale and I knew exactly what I was going to use!)

Just as he was going to leave, in walked Professor Horn. He apologized for coming in so late. He couldn't find his glasses and wondered if he had left them there, he was retracing his steps from yesterday. Gnomey hadn't seen them and hoped the Professor would find them soon!
"I sure hope you find them soon!" said Gnomey.

The two friends began to look over the new scale together. I left them there to have a visit. I'm going to try and find those glasses. I'm afraid they may have ended up in the trash by accident. Don't tell the Professor that though, no need to worry him. If I can't find them I'll make him a new pair.

See how I made the postal scale here

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  1. I love your miniature creations and am such a fan of yours:)

  2. I love the wee story and creatures. Good luck finding the Professor's glasses(!)


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