Friday, April 14, 2017

Gnome Easter Egg

Happy Easter!

I wanted to share with you the Easter gift I made for myself. I was inspired after seeing an antique Easter egg from Germany. It's a little rough around the edges but not bad for my first egg. Thankfully, I do
like things less than perfect. I love my egg! 

Here's my fb video showing the  opening of the egg and I explain how I made the set.


  1. Wow I am so emotional about it because as a child every Easter we would be given a papier maché egg by my grandparents on my father side(they were Alsacians) and it was so exciting to find little things in sweets,...little treasures...Thank you to remind me of these times I had completely forgotten! little tokens, rubans or poems

    1. Those are amazing and wonderful memories. I can imagine finding little treasures would surely make a child so excited and happy. When I was little I used to like to keep treasures in little boxes. There's just something magical about that. I'm so honored to have reminded you of such precious memories. Thank you for sharing that!

      I have a story for you!

      My daughter is now 14 yrs old. She has been rescuing bugs for most of her life. Even if she's afraid of the bug, like a spider, she will still rescue it and bring it outside to freedom where it belongs. Even flies! We are not allowed to swat flies in my house! We must catch them and release them, no matter what.

      One day we were walking together on a popular walk about down by the ocean. This day it had been raining and there were snails trying to cross the walking path. Sadly, there were also squished snails too. People didn't walk around them, they stepped on them! This horrified my daughter. Thus began the great snail rescue!
      One by one, she picked up the snails and carried them across. As she let each one go she would say, "There you go, little guy" and then rescue another. My heart melted watching this kind girl. I think about that day often.
      Last night before I went to bed it came to me! Today I will make her an egg, inside will be a little snail.. oh, I'm so excited to get started. I will post when I'm done and share the story with everyone.

      I don't know why I had to tell you all that, lol but I felt happy to share it with you.

      Thank you for your comments, I appreciate each one.
      Sharon Ojala

    2. She sound like my husband ...we were driving along late one night when suddenly he stopped got out and brought us to look at a little black silky mole which was trying to cross the road and would have been squashed so after showing us put it safely on the side ready to get back into the field where it belong and wanted to go...Our house has always been full of recuied little things too, rarely pets just rescuied then released... Thank you again!

    3. how wonderful! I just love that. I knew there must be a reason to share that with you! Kindred spirits :)

  2. I love both stories! A snail would be so wonderful! This just made my heart smile.

  3. Lovely and addictive, carnt wait to have a go at one!!


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