Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No! Not A Cat ~ How Could You

Early this morning, while I was still sleeping, I felt a *thump thump thump* on my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked up, there was Gnomey, standing there, hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised way up high and one eyebrow very low... I think that's called the stink eye.
I said "Hey Gnomey! What are you doing?!"
He was very displeased, it took him a moment to speak. His lips were tight and all weird looking. Finally, after giving more of the stink eye, he points over there and...
"Just what is that thing? That.. that furball over there!"
I look over and my heart immediately melts into a puddle.. there he is! The newest member of my family, baby Loki.. our little bundle of grey fur. My purr baby, lol  <3
Gnomey's heart clearly wasn't melting. He shakes his head, "WHAT have you done?! Do you know what that thing could do to us, to our home, to our things!" Why?! Why did you do that?!"
I laughed and told him it would be okay! We'll adjust.. he's just a baby! He's beautiful and loving.. okay, he's a bit crazy sometimes but give him toys and he's very entertaining to watch!
None of that seemed to help the situation at hand though. Gnomey, with his hands back on his hips, and one eyebrow raised way up high, one eyebrow very low, says to me in a low Gnome voice, "We were perfectly happy. You have brought a monster into this house."
Then he spun around and walked back to the Bed & Breakfast. Before he could slam the door, with a giggle I yelled out.. "Hey Gnomey! Better keep the doors locked!!" And then I snuggled my kitty and smothered him in kisses, "Who loves the kitty? Who loves the kitty! I do! I love the kitty!" lol
Gnomey will come around, eventually.
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 Born March 22nd 2017, Loki Sebastian Ojala.  He's beautiful and a ton of fun. My kids and I have had a million laughs already watching him play. Loki means "mischief maker" which he's living up to already.  He'll run around the living room like a crazy kitty then dash into the cat house I made him, bash around in there a bit and come flying out one of the peek a boo windows, looking totally insane, lol SO fun! And when he snuggles up to me to go to sleep..oh my goodness, life is good!
 He LOVES his cat house house! I'm going to add onto it though.. you know me ;)

Loki has his own instagram! I decided that would be the best way for family to keep up and also satisfy my need to show him off. I love him! Follow him here


  1. Hahahaha! Oh, poor, poor Gnomey... Not only does he need to lock the doors and barricade the windows, but he's also clearly suffering from older child syndrome. Hopefully he'll come around, but I'm not so sure about the mice! >.<

  2. Have you got a video of you making the gnomes?. I've built my tree house just furnishing it so all I need now is some gnomes to live there.
    Kind regards


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