Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gnome Home Video Update

homemade gnome dollhouse
Happy July 2017,

Yesterday I uploaded a new video to my youtbube channel, yahoo! It's an update of  the B&B. The last update I did was Sept 2nd 2016. That's just crazy!
There's been a ton of changes since then. I actually forgot  to mention some of them in the video but that's okay, you'll get a good idea what I've been doing anyway...
but first...

The house has grown SO much since 2014 

Someone asked me just today how long have I been building onto this house. I had to go back and see the very first video I ever did. It was 2014 when I took a tiny wooden dollhouse and decided to turn it into a stump. Believe it or not, this large home is that same home from this video, I just kept building onto it. I never imagined back then what
the house would turn into!

It's a bit confusing...

Back in 2014 I uploaded videos of this very dollhouse to my crochet channel, Sharon Ojala.
It wasn't until  2016 when I started my new youtube channel, Where the Gnomes Live, for my dollhouses and other crafts.
That's why you'll find the start of the house on one channel and current videos of the house on my new channel.

Okay, now let's see the update!

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Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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  1. Ha costado unos cuantos años pero se ha convertido en una preciosa casa de gnomos. Puedes estar orgullosa de tu trabajo.


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