Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Troll Butt In Your Cup

miniatures borrowing from the kitchen

I woke up to a disturbing scene indeed. I was trying to sleep in today but I kept hearing noises in my kitchen, my new kitchen. I came out to see what it was and my eyes fell upon Troll butt inside my coffee bag. Troll butt in my coffee!!

The more I looked, the more I saw.. there was a rat crawling into my salt shaker and another making off with a battery and some flour...

I yelled out in shock,
"What are you doing?!"
Big Mack the Rat looked startled.. "Oh! Good morning, dear! We're.. ummm.. we're borrowing a few things. Gotta go now!" He scampered off the counter and down a rope just as quick as lightening. I heard him yell from the bottom of the rope, "You have a lovely kitchen!" And just like that, he was gone.
I yelled back, "Hey! You forgot the Troll!"

Now I'm wondering just how long they've been "borrowing" things from my kitchen. How many cups of coffee I've had with troll butt?! ... Gross! 


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