Dresser Turned Into Dollhouse Castle

A fast make over,
Ok, it wasn't just 2 weeks ago that I turned a dresser into a dollhouse here and I was really happy with that but the more I looked at the dollhouse I kept seeing a castle hiding in the walls just begging to be created so what to do but follow my heart and just go with it!

An addition; Jesse James Castle.
Not too long after I added onto the castle with another dresser that my friend was going to throw away. Her son's name is James. My son's name is Jesse. The dressers used to be theirs as young boys. So I named this the, Jesse James Castle!

I added strings of lights well hidden in all the ceilings. It looked  stunning in the evening with the lights turned on.

Joining the halves,
I added the center by joining the castle halves with cardboard floors between them. If I remember correctly these were glued in place then I glued and nailed one large wooden panel behind all 3 pieces making them one solid unit.

A work in progress,
One the left side you can see the cardboard  paper towel roll that I hadn't covered in brick paper yet. I used a number of these to make the round columns in the front of the castle. Where I printed the paper from is linked at the bottom of this post.

Update May 2019,
 I eventually took the castle apart and the original half went to storage the other half went to live in a friend's house for her children to play with. This castle provided my kids and their friends hours and hours of playtime. I am forever grateful to have these memories!

Starting with the top floor, I only have close ups of the original side. 

2nd floor
3rd floor

 bottom floor

Jennifer's Free Doll's House and Miniature Printables,
I printed off  the brick paper from here. Be sure to look around, that website has tons of free printables of everything and anything you can think of!

https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeAmigurumi/ https://www.instagram.com/sharon_ojala/ https://www.youtube.com/sharonojala