Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stone Fireplace For Dollhouse Castle

 I found a bottle brush Christmas Tree at London Drugs and I fell in love with it. Once I got it into the Castle I thought it was a bit too uniform and I really couldn't decorate it. So having an idea on what I really wanted I looked online for ideas and I saw a short clip on bottle brush trees getting a makeover! How awesome! So I found some fake tree pieces at the thrift store, cut them and stuck the pieces right into the tree.   
the trees in each corner are the same tree!

So once I got the tree decorated I knew I had to have a fireplace to hang some stockings. For this, I got inspiration from childhood... we had a stone fireplace in one of the houses we lived in and I loved it, never forgot it. So decided to build one, and it really isn't that hard at all.

Update 2013: Looking for s stone fireplace that does not go in the corner? Then see this post for another step by step tutorial

I started with some cardboard and simply cut out a shape I wanted. Then cut another and glued them together for strength. Got my hot glue gun and with  some river rocks I had collected over the Summer, I got building!

I cut some branches and burned them a bit then dropped on some hot glue over them and rolled them in red beads. Looks like the real thing!

I LOVE it!! Turned out better then I thought it would. And here I've re-created a scene from my own childhood. Although my dad was much younger than the Grandpa pictured here, I remember my dad playing the accordion while we decorated the tree. Sweet memories I am so lucky to have!

Until next time, Keep building and dreaming!


  1. wow! That's awesome. I think you might honestly be the most creative person I've ever met.
    Just beautiful!

  2. So great to see what you make out of card and items found easily and cheaply just love all you make Im learning every day lol
    Cheers Deni

    1. wow! This one goes back to 2011. I wonder now where all the time went, lol I'm so glad you find these posts helpful, that means a lot to me :)


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