How To Make A Simple Stone Dollhouse Fireplace

Simple stone fireplace for a dollhouse,

small box made of thin cardboard or just use poster board
dark piece of felt or dark craft paint
hot glue
piece of wood for the mantel piece
something to stain the wood (minwax, coffee, paint)
clay for the floor or stones
bowl of cold water

For the mantle pictured,
  • Shape the cardboard or cereal box then glue black felt of the entire surface.
  • Glue wooden craft sticks over the cardboard. Have the mantel overlap the top edge a bit so the stones fit nicely under it.
  • Next you can stain it with minwax, instant coffee or watered down acrylic paint.
  • Seal it in with a clear sealer or clear  nail polish.
  • Remember to always test colors on a spare piece of the wood you're using first so you'll know how it'll look.
  • Have the mantel overlap the top edge a bit so the stones fit nicely under it.

The stones,
Now you'll need a good pile of small stones. I actually have a bunch in my own yard so I didn't have to go far. If you don't have stones in your yard consider the beach or nearby park. Make sure to get way too many! It's surprising once you get started gluing them in place just how many stones you'll pick through to get to the right one.

Now the fun part.. hot gluing each and every one of them!! I put the glue on the felt then placed the stone over top. I found that the safest method but still keep a bowl of cold water close by just in case you get hot glue on your fingers.
If that happens to you quickly put your finger in the bowl of water. You want to cool down that glue as quickly as possible.

The inside back wall piece that you see when you look into the fireplace is done the same way as the front piece.

The floor piece inside the fireplace is a piece of air drying clay I got from the dollar store and I just squished it in place and left it to dry. I did paint parts of it later to look like black soot, I also did the same to the back wall so it now looks well used. 

Same technique is used for the chimney. Make any size and length you need. Cover it in the black felt then glue the stones on.

Now it can be glued, piece by piece, into the house.

And that's it! A cozy stone fireplace.. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hope it gave you some ideas on how to build your own.


  1. I got so many ideas from watching you and reading your page. Thank you.

  2. im a little confused about the back wall, the one looking into the fireplace, how did you attach it to the front of the fireplace?

    1. I glued the back wall to the coffee can wall. Then I glued the outer front wall over top that. The front wall has sides so it stands out


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