Gnome Throne Miniature Outhouse

I am currently working on a project that seems to grow every time I think I'm almost done! It was actually my daughter who asked where the Gnome's bathroom was when I so proudly showed her his house (not shown yet, it's a WIP). Yes, the children know what a dollhouse is missing! And they will not be happy unless the subject of play can use the facilities.. it's a big part of life!

So, shortly after I was given the what for I was snacking on some Pringle chips.. you know the kind that come in a long, narrow tube? And I knew what I'd make his "place of business" out of.. no offense to the Pringle people, you make great chips but the can was a perfect size and shape for what I wanted!

UPDATE: See my tutorials here. I show how to make fake bark using foil and paper towels.


  1. Loving this Sharon, you have totally got me to wanting to learn to felt!!! Marvelous job & then some!!!

    1. oh thanks so much! I appreciate that and so glad you like it... I love to felt, it's great if you like to free style that's for sure!

    2. Hei Sharon!
      Erittäin hieno ulkohuussi maahisella! (Very fine outhouse the gnome has!)

  2. I'm always amazed by your artistry. You even have books in your little houses! How do you ever manage that?

  3. wonderful!!! you have made it easier for me to make my fairies houses, thank you for sharing your craft! Lois

  4. me encanta, has logrado muy bien la textura de la madera y el color


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