Walnut Dollhouse Finished

Walnut Dollhouse is done!
A project one year in the making. I didn't work on it all year mind you. Last year I hollowed out a walnut, added a floor and a hinge and that's as far as I got until last week when inspiration hit me again like a ton of bricks and I was up all hours of the night working on the tiniest of details!

Inside is a stone fireplace with wooden mantel, a wooden shutter, leather sofa and chair, 2 side tables, a lamp, a hanging picture, a set of books made from a real antique book spine sitting on a wooden book shelf and 2 braided rugs that I crocheted with regular sewing thread!
See how to make the rugs here

The little window opening behind the sofa does allow light inside and it looks pretty neat when the light is streaming through it.

I decided to add in a removable wall. I framed it with polymer clay and made steps out of the same clay.

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  1. Fantástico! Parabéns pelo seu trabalho e um grande abraço desde aqui do Brasil!

  2. This is amazing! Wonderful work and what an magical finished product!

  3. This is one of the cutest most adorable houses I have ever seen. This makes me enter into a fairyland and makes me feel like I am knee high to a grasshopper. Amazing!

  4. That is soo precious. I would looooove a tuorial on this. Also following your facebook page, your work is really inspiring!

  5. Wow, So beautiful! This is incredible. You are an amazing artist.

  6. Stunning. You are beyond skilled.

  7. Amazing! your works are so great!

  8. Your work is really amazing,thank you for sharing it with us and for all the tutorials,tips and tricks,they are very helpfull.I like that you use cheap things and make them extraordinary.Looking forward to what you will do next

  9. You truly inspire me. I've been fascinated by miniatures for years, but have hesitated to try yet another craft. But, after checking out your blog, and especially this truly miniature house, I'm feeling that tingling that says I'm about to jump into something GREAT!!
    I'm even eyeing my two ostrich eggs and wondering how to cut them so that I can make a miniature something...
    Maybe turning one on its side, cutting a working hole, then recreating the Hobbit Shire :D
    Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Not sure how to reach out to you so that we can communicate directly, tho. Obviously, I'm hesitant about posting personal info on here. Hmmmm...will just keep checking here for any replies from you. :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate that!

      I'm not sure how you would go about that. I've never held an ostrich egg before, I have no idea how thick the shell is or how brittle once it's cracked open.
      That is a brilliant and fun idea though. The Shire is a place close to my heart, I love everything about it, specifically the Hobbit homes!
      I think the only thing you can do is just try and see what happens. That's what I would do. And once you make it, consider setting it inside a clear plastic or glass display box so there's no chance of it breaking. Then you could add in scenery as well. That way people could look but not touch.
      I wish you the best of luck!

  10. You continue to amaze and astonish me! WOW! What an incredible piece of art! I can't get over the fact that you crocheted the tiny wee rugs! You are an artistic genius. Absolutely brilliant! You inspire me to try to create something...anything. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with the world.

  11. Agradeço por mostrar seu maravilhoso trabalho, poderia por favor me dizer como voce conseguiu cortar a casca da noz? Voce tem mãos abençoadas.


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