Friday, November 29, 2013

Gnomes Book Video Flip Through

It's flip through Friday once again! And today we flip through Gnomes and
Secrets of the Gnomes. These are probably my 2 most favorite books in my collection. I've always loved Gnomes and these books are packed full of them.
Fantastic illustrations and great color, every page has something Gnometastic on it!
But no need to tell you anything, I'll let you decide for yourself by looking inside! Use the pause button once the video starts if there's a page you want a longer view of.
Watch Gnomes on youtube  here
Watch Secrets of the Gnomes on youtube  here
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Thanks for looking!


  1. Rien Poortvliet is a great illustrator. I've all his books about gnomes and other illustrations he made.

    1. he is! I am on the look out for more books he has illustrated for sure

  2. This book has been my dream for years <3 I am happy I found your other blog :)

    1. oh yay!! I'm glad you found me here too and I am so happy you found your book. It was meant to be <3

  3. I love your videos and I have just finish making a little birdhouse for the Easter. I will send you a picture. Happy Easter to you and your family


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