Fairy House Roof Made From Pinecones

I've finally shingled a dollhouse roof with pine cone scales,
The house itself is made from a pringles can and the roof under the scales is a paper cone covered in burlap. I descaled some pine cones and hot-glued each one in place. The natural look of them is fantastic!

The video is old and I spent a lot of time talking, you can fast forward over those parts. I uploaded this video to my crochet toy channel. Since this video I have started another channel dedicated to my miniature tutorials called Where The Gnomes Live.


  1. I just love all your work, I will be making this (Or having a go) for my daughters birthday present

  2. I had an awful glue and gave up on my pine cone roof, and used tree bark, I had a bag from my orchid plants, and only looked for thin pieces. I wish I had your patience :P

  3. Terrific idea I have the pringles cans but still hunting the pine cones,
    Scarce as hens teeth here lol
    Imalso have those large coffee cans to make a house as well gosh I will have to live 900 years to get all my projects done lol
    Cheers Deni

    1. haha YES! 901 years should give us enough time but we'd be cutting it close :) I hope you find some cones!

    2. Hehehehe! This will probably make us live longer then lol
      Have a great day!


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