Thursday, November 6, 2014

Woodland Fairy Dollhouse Makeover

Alicia's Woodland Fairy House,

Isn't it gorgeous?! My niece did this dollhouse project on her recent visit to us. She started the day she arrived, of course we were doing other things too but she worked on this house every chance she got. In fact she worked on it right up to the day she had to leave 10 days later!
Ok, here's the before... you can see more before pics & how she did the makeover here.
And I think the after is stunning!
She used tin foil, paper mache, pine cones, moss, potpourri, a few
fake vines and her imagination :)

Of course every fairy house needs a fairy so when my niece and my daughter went out for an evening of  skating my oldest son and I went to the thrift store to see what we could find. There wasn't a doll there even close to looking like a fairy but I spotted a collector's doll on a shelf where they keep nik naks. It was fixed to a stand and on the tag it read "Polish Girl". It was very dusty and vintage looking. My son says, "Mom! What will she do with that, that's the opposite of anything fairy?! Mom, it's horrible, lol"
But I saw potential ...
Thankfully so did my niece. When I gave it to her she started taking the clothes off right away to get started on the makeover then we remembered we should do a before photo, oops! The first picture she just laid the clothes back over the doll so you'd get the idea of what it used to look like. The legs and face are porcelain and those black boots are painted on.
She removed the hair and made new hair from a toy horse's tail and added a crown of flowers. So fairy like!
After this photo she removed the painted boots with nail polish remover and also removed all the face paint. She mixed up a few acrylic paints to get a skin color and repainted the doll. I was shocked how great the painting turned out.. I mean to paint on tiny eyes, eye lashes and lips takes some doing!

Then using leaves and flower petals from that potpourri bag  my niece worked a miracle!! WoW! I'm in love with this doll. It's so hard to believe this is the same old dusty Polish doll that I found in the thrift store. Needless to say my son was floored. Oh ye of little faith :)
My niece is amazing, creative and talented... I'm  just so proud of her!

The face is beautiful and those fairy clothes, oh my goodness!
I didn't get a good shot of the fairy in her seed pod lounger but she fits perfectly in there. That's also a blanket Alicia made from dried flowers too... the fairy looks so comfy hanging out and relaxing!

When it was time for Alicia to go home we didn't have a box for the house so she decided to bring it on the plane as her carry on luggage. She put in a big bag but it was over the allowed measurements by 4 inches. We just crossed our fingers hoping they would allow her to take it on with her.
Well, she barely made it through the security check as 2 security people crowded around her, then 2 more then 2 more.. soon there was 6 security guards looking at her house.
During this time we could see them all  but couldn't hear what was happening so I nervously was saying to my family, "What's happening?? Oh no, they won't let her take it.. they're turning her down.. gosh, what are they doing??" Then the crowd dispersed and she went through with a big smile, yahoo!!! She told us later they were all saying how beautiful it was and they wanted to see more of it so that's why they crowded around her.. to see more of the house. Oh, how I wish I had my camera just then!

What an amazing 10 days I spent with my niece, what memories! I'm so happy she made the fairy house and she can continue adding to it now she's back at home. I look forward to seeing what else she does.. maybe some furniture? Maybe another fairy? Whatever she does I know it will be awesome!

My message to Alicia,
I'm just so proud of you! You're creative, talented, smart and a ton of fun to be with. God blessed us all beyond measure when you were born into this family.
I love you to the moon and back.
And Happy birthday!

girl holding large maple leaf


  1. That's awesome!!! I love the transformation of the doll!!

  2. Alicia is adorable and very talented. The fairy house and the doll make over are brilliant. No wonder you are so proud of her.
    Regards, Drora

  3. Tu sobrina ha realizado una preciosa transformaciĆ³n, tanto en la casa como con la muƱeca. Puedes presumir de tener una sobrina con mucho talento.

  4. Amazing info! Such a lucky family! Thanks!

  5. Brilliant! She obviously takes after her Aunt Sharon. You go girls!

  6. awww runs in the family all this fabulous talent I see! beautiful doll Alicia! well done!!!

  7. Hi, I don't know if you're still checking for comments on this post but I was wondering how the fungi on the house were made? thanks!

  8. Hi, I don't know if you're still checking for comments on this post but I was wondering how the fungi on the house were made? thanks!

    1. the fungi are pieces found in a potpourri bag

  9. I am inspired now. I also bought a house at the thrift store here in Wisconsin. With the intentions of a big make over. Now I know just what it should be transformed into - thanks to your niece's project - I have just the ideas to make it fairy appropriate. I love your creations and your videos. I am so glad I found you on You Tube originally. <3


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