How I Made Wilfred the Mouse

Meet Wilfred the Mouse,
Wilfred is a mouse I started just a couple days ago and as soon as I saw him take shape I was obsessed with finishing him. I've always wanted to make a sweet little mouse for the dollhouse! I love mice, I think many of us do that love dollhouses, it's a common thread we share.
Anyway, this morning I quickly crocheted him a scarf and a matching hat and made him a crooked cane.

A little back story,
Wilfred is an old mouse, he worked most of his life as a fisherman. He is still a hard worker but his eyesight is failing, his knees are starting to get aches and pains, his back is not as strong as it once was. So he is about to hang up the fishing nets and leave the sea life to live his elderly years out in the forest. He knows that there are Gnomes in the forest and Gnomes are very kind to mice. They help the elderly mice by cutting up firewood for them and making sure they have all they need. Wilfred will live comfortably in the forest.

How I made the mouse,
I made the mouse by first making a frame with wire and foil, then covered it all with masking tape. I added a layer of  homemade clay (not the best stuff for sculpting). A polymer clay would be better.

Once the mouse was dry I painted him. I made the fur by simply cutting up yarn into small wee bits. This is called flocking. You can buy the stuff already made but I would have had to order it and I just couldn't wait that long to give him a coat! I brushed glue on him then added the flocking. I brushed off the excess flocking off once it was dry. His eyes and nose are painted on and a wee bit of paint on his lips and inside his mouth.

About a month or so later I ended up making more mice using this same method. A family of white mice. Meet them here



  1. I've been following your blog for a while and finally had to comment because he's so cute. Well done! Can't wait to see the finished mushroom house :)

  2. I'm in love with Wilfred! (Don't tell Gnomey, he would get very jealous)

    I am hoping he and Gnomey make good friends! Can't wait to hear more adventures of Gnomey and Wilfred! Oooh that would be a book worthy to read!

  3. I so loved meeting Winifred he is so cute. I hope he enjoys the mushroom house.

  4. Te ha quedado precioso. SerĂ¡ bonito verlo con Gnomey.

  5. Wilfred is an adorable character. Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Oh my! I thought he was needle felted! He is too darn cute. I may do this instead of needle felting, as I plan to make mice and other critters for my miniatures. Thank you, great big bunches!

  7. saeedasaba@yahoo.comNovember 6, 2015 at 9:03 PM

    So he is Wilfred ? Oh wow he looks so real n super cute , no doubt your brother wanted him so bad .

  8. he is such a lovely mouse cant wait to see the others you will be making !


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