Louie the Paper Clay Troll

A Gross Little Troll,
Well it happened again.. I got the urge to play with clay and Louie the Troll was born.
I started with foil and wire frame. The rest of him was done in many layers.

Paper clay is not like a regular modeling clay, you have to build paper clay up and that can take many hours, lots of patience, and the ability to see past the early stages of layering and not give up, lol.
I dry my creatures in the oven in between each layer which speeds up the drying time tremendously.

Note: This homemade clay I'm using is not the best for doing these sort of projects. It would be better to use a polymer clay.

A Troll's Skin Color,
Finding the right color for a troll is impossible so I ended up mixing up 3 or 4 colors together to get the base skin color.
After that I shadowed out all the folds and dimples with brown then back in the oven to dry.

Then onto the next step which was a series of dry brushing on color then washing it off with a watered down brush. It's a technique I use on many different projects. It's great for adding just a hint of a color or tone. In the end you'll never be able to repeat the exact color again.

Those eyes,
For his eyes I carved out 2 holes in his head where the eyes would sit. I made 2 eyeballs with paper clay, painted them then glued them into the holes. Then paper clay eyelids, laid over very carefully and the edges squished into the head with a toothpick.

That crazy hair,
His hair is wool roving, glued on his head in sections with regular tacky glue. Then glued onto his body in various spots.

He instantly got grosser, especially when he got hair on his boobies!

After his hair was in I had to remake his horns and glue them to his head since the original ones disappeared in his hair. Without horns I think he just looked like a hairy little old man with a huge honker! The horns definitely make him more creature like.

I decided to not make any clothing that would cover his body, it's just too wonderfully gross to cover but he needed something, an accessory at least! So I made him a stone mason's hammer and a leather pouch to carry it in. That way we can still see that wonderful butt of his. And besides, trolls don't like clothing, it's too constrictive.

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  1. No puedo decir que sea guapo pero desde luego es una gran creación.

  2. But pretty cute for a troll! Great job! Such fun!

  3. I love the little patch of hair on his buttcrack. Great attention to detail.


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