My Brother Stole My Mouse

My mouse Wilfred and my brother Chris have run away together.
Okay, let's back it up a little. It was just a few days ago my brother Chris and his beautiful wife Heather came from Calgary for a quick visit. It was unexpected and OH so much fun! Yesterday they had to return home but first we would all meet at my parent's house one last time for lunch.

My parent's have an acreage and this time of year there's tons of mushrooms so I grab Wilfred the mouse and my camera thinking I'll take a few photos while I'm there. Before I could get the mouse into my camera bag my brother spots him...
"Let me see that! Wow! did you make that?!" With a big smile I say, "Yes and he's going to live in the Mushroom house" as I'm pointing to the house.. and my brother says "Um, no he's not. He's coming home with me"
At first I thought he was joking and I follow him out to the car. Chris lays the mouse on the dashboard and we leave. I'm in the backseat so the mouse is out of my reach but I kept my eye on him the whole way. I say with a chuckle, "Ummm I need that mouse though" But my brother cares not! And I wonder, Is he serious? Is he really taking my mouse! Now I want to tell my parents.. HE took my mouse and HE won't give it back!! Maybe I'm a little too old for that kind of tattling now..

When we arrive to my parent's house my brother puts the mouse in his jacket and goes in.  I follow him in and I'm immediately distracted by the smell of my mother's famous spaghetti and meatballs and I forget all about my mouse for I must eat.

I went right to the stove because I have to try some of this spaghetti right now! While I'm standing at the stove dishing myself a plate my brother shoves money in my pocket and I say,
"what are you doing? I don't want money, take it back!" My brother answers "NO, I just bought the mouse!" I argue, "But he wasn't for sale!! Take the money back" And he says, "you can make another, he's coming home with me"
This back and forth thing kind of reminds me of younger years and I figure now it's a losing battle. But I'm distracted by food again. I just had to eat so I stopped arguing and did just that. O.M.G my mother makes the best spaghetti in the world! So good and right at that moment any thoughts of *brother stole my mouse* are gone!

After a plate of food, more laughs and a great visit it's almost time for Chris and Heather to leave us once again. I was standing by the woodstove with my father and I remembered there was a wad of cash in my pocket and I decided to count it. I won't say how much my brother "bought" my mouse for but there was a few 20's in there. After counting I say  to my Dad,
OK! Wow... ummm ... I wonder if he saw the other mice I had there?
And we burst out laughing.
But all joking aside, to see my brother fall so in love with something I made was priceless. It really did make my heart smile even though I put up a fight. And I will make another mouse for the Mushroom House.. he won't be just like Wilfred but I already can feel it's going to be a good one, a lucky one. Lucky because he gets to be born and live in a mushroom and what a great life he'll have. I'm excited now. I can't wait to get started.

Goodbye Wilfred the Mouse, you are SO special! You had a different purpose for your life than what I had thought. You were never going to live here, you were just waiting here. Your purpose was to make my brother happy. And to make me feel like I made something so special you just had to be stolen! How amazing is that! Your purpose was to make super fun memories that will last forever. What a great purpose to have!

What a great time we had and I can't wait to see you again, Chris and Heather.
Thanks for everything. Chris you really are like a super hero, the way you help our parents is so awesome. I'm just so proud of you! You wear that invisible cape well.
You too, Heather, you're pretty spectacular and so much fun. What a great visit, we have to do that again soon. Mushroom hunting with you is the best. We have a  new tradition, yay us!

Chris, if you want to read the mouse's little back story  and why I named him Wilfred you can do that right here

Chris' Update!
After my brother got home and read this story on facebook he left a response and it's so perfect I decided to add it here so you all can see where the little mouse is living now. I copied and pasted his note below:

Wilfred started out very quiet. I had put him in a emptied out Tassimo box at my moms place and put the whole package into my backpack.When Heather and I arrived at the Comox airport I said my goodbyes to mom and my nephew Jesse. Normally I put my back pack thru screening and life's good no problem..... This time however there was a some commotion by the security people, still didn't think nothing about it until the security lady said she had to search my backpack. When she opened the top zipper and pulled out the Tassimo box and flipped around and saw Wilfred's legs and spindly tail she took a step back and almost dropped the box. She didn't want me touching anything up to that point I guess it's something to do with security.... But she made no objection when I grabbed the Tassimo box out of her hand and by this time all 3 security people were staring at me wanting an explanation.... even the guy that was sitting down staring at the screen looking at all the bags wasn't looking at the bags anymore he was staring at me. I explained that it wasn't a real mouse it was something my sister had made there was quite the relief that came over the security area. She gently took the Tassimo box out of my hand and placed Wilfred back into a plastic container and told told the other security officer to be real careful with Wilfred as he is breakable. They ran him thru 3 times altogether....I hope he doesn't get cancer from all the radiation exposure....I will be keeping a close eye on him to monitor his health . Anyway, got him home safe and sound and will be giving him the home that Sharon and Alicia made together. Will keep you posted and any future developments in Wilfred s ....etc

The house was built last year by my niece Alicia (Chris' daughter). How perfect the mouse would end up living there! I blogged about that very house, lots of pictures and how she built it here


  1. Tu hermano se ha llevado un gran compañero y un precioso recuerdo.

  2. Hi Sharon! I hope all is well with you and your family. I just love what you wrote about your brother stealing Wilfred. I find it heartwarming! I too, love crocheting and it makes me so happy to see people smile after they received a crochet gift from me.

    1. thank you, yes all is well!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and I sure appreciate you leaving a note to say so :)

  3. What happened to the fairy who lived in the house?

    1. I'm sure she's there somewhere close by. I saw her when I was there in July

  4. I absolutely enjoyed that story! I actually did LOL! Thanks for sharing and Wilfred is adorable too!

    1. awww, I'm so glad!! That's awesome to hear and thank you for taking the time to write, I appreciate it :)

  5. You are simply amazing...your talent (I'm a crafter and have tried felting, but don't seem to have the patience for it...but, after seeing Little Mr. Wil, I'm thinking that I should give it another try). Your humor (I. MUST. EAT.) brings a smile to my face every time. Heck, I just have to think of reading something written by you and a smile blooms.
    Thanks! :D

    1. That was so awesome to hear, thank you! I appreciate everything you said!

      Yes, needle felting can take many, many hours. I have to wait until I'm inspired then I feel okay spending the time, usually late in the night when the kids are sleeping :)

  6. Wow Wilfred is one of the cutest little mousie's I've seen!! It has inspired me to give felting a try again. Did you happen to write any stages or pictures about Wilfred ? Anyways I loved your story about your brother . It was lovely . thankyou! Suzanne

    1. Thank you! No, he's a paperclay mouse that I covered in flocking. There's one photo of him in just as clay here


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