Custom Made Snowshoes For a Gnome

Gathering firewood,

We woke up to snow falling yesterday and it continued all day. But work still needs to be done no matter the weather. Aunt Katri needed firewood to get her through the night so Ahti made himself a pair of snowshoes out of a seedpod and off he went.

needle felt gnome

The how:

I used a seedpod found in a bag of potpourri. The  front of the pod naturally curls upward which makes it excellent for walking in snow. When I cut it in half it gave me a left and a right shoe! I wrapped a length of  dried corn husk around the pod, fit Ahti's foot in there so I knew how tight to wrap it then glued the husk in place. Then wrapped that with rustic twine, added twine around the back of the shoe just for decorative purposes. I brushed a generous amount of clear drying glue over the entire shoe. After they dried the shoes became bendy and strong, not brittle like they once were. I think they turned out really great and fit perfectly! Custom made snowshoes for a Gnome. They're nothing fancy but they do the job well.

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  1. Sharon, have you given any thought to writing a children's book involving the Gnome family? The little stories you tell with each new post are really quite enthralling. I know a child would just revel in a story with pictures of the gnomes and their home, and Pearl too, of course. I do hope you seriously consider this. I feel certain you would touch the lives of many, many little ones. I love the new additions to the family. Now Gnomey never has to be alone again. :-)


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