Ahti the Gnome Comes To Life

Ahti has arrived,
If you missed my last post I talked about my trip to Finland to visit family there. On the flight back to Canada I dreamed up the gnomes I would make. You can read more about that here

The story continues,

Aunt Katri was waiting and waiting on New Year's Eve and he almost made it, it was just after midnight when there was a knock at the door. Aunt Katri was so happy to see her brother's boy again, she laughed and cried at the same time..

Meet Ahti,
Just like I introduced to you Aunt Katri the Gnome here is Ahti the Gnome! On the left is my father, he is 82 yrs old. I know, he doesn't look 82 at all! He has been and continues to be a huge positive force in my life.

When my father was 26 years old he had a horrific back injury which left him in need of surgery. They opted for spinal fusion which went horribly wrong. He has had chronic pain ever since, some days have been so bad he has troubles walking, yet he's never taken a day off work.

He has and continues to be one of the hardest working men I've ever seen! About 23 years ago he started having pretty bad heart problems, and a few years ago was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Pretty heavy duty stuff right! You would think the man would complain just a little, but I can honestly tell you he does not! I've never heard him say, "I can't do it", no matter what he finds a way.

He laughs a lot, he tells some of the weirdest jokes, he sings, picks my mother flowers, and will drop everything to bring a bumble bee a drop of water if he sees one in distress.

There's so much more I could say but I will leave it there. Ahti, the Finnish Gnome is 82 years old and is a kind, gentle and funny Gnome who will have a wonderful life in the forest!


  1. Es bonito que vaya creciendo la familia y más bonito lo que cuentas de tu padre.

  2. I already adore the gnomes since we have been introduced! Looking forward to the stories to come!

  3. Your Pa sounds awesome,I think I love him too.
    I've just started needle felting but don't have All of my tools yet, my poor fingers don't like me anymore.LOL


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