Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pearl the Snail

Aunt Katri left the door open today and a little snail took that as an invitation and wandered inside. She is a very friendly snail with an adorable smile. Aunt Katri said "Hello there little one, come on in and make yourself at home." And the snail did just that.

The snail asked why the house was empty. Aunt Katri told the little snail that she just moved here and her furniture is on the way. But she had a comfy bed and a nice dresser upstairs that her son had made her. The snail looked around and thought it was a very fine room and that it felt homey even without furniture.

Then the little snail said, "My name's Pearl, what's yours?" Aunt Katri told her name and then asked Pearl if she would like to stay for supper. The little snail suddenly felt very hungry and said "Oh yes, that
would be lovely, thank you!"

And that's how Katri the Gnome and Pearl the Snail met. It didn't take long at all for Aunt Katri to find a friend in the forest. She was thankful that she left her door open and that Pearl wandered into her home. Life is good but it's even better when you have good friends!

I needle felted this little snail. The fleshy parts are 3 different colors that I built up in layers. Many hours, and half way through I wondered what is wrong with me spending all this time, lol  And I could use a little more experience in making a shell part, but I do love her, flaws and all.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed meeting Pearl the Snail. There's more stories and characters on the way so come back soon!

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  1. Love love all your charatures they and your story are beautiful .. You should write a book and publish it when you finish all the charatures. I sure would love to have a copy and read it .

  2. Oh they are so cute
    i have all my wool and needles ready to felt ..... Now what?...
    Watched a few tutorials, the hardest thing for me is to just get started.I want to make a small mouse firstly for my mouse house ....... Oh well guess I Will one day, soon,hopefully
    Cheers Deni

    1. I had mine for a while too before I tried anything. Just go with what feels natural to you. I tried a few tutorials but I couldn't get my head around it until I just went for it.

    2. Ok then just begin thats a good idea , after I have washed the hard floors done the washing cook breakfast ,finish the shabby house off, make a Wire bed to fit the shabby house oh the wardrobe I need to make, find those pine cones, make a fairy garden with house for our mini group for a prototype mmmmm now let me see..... And thats not all I have a huge tudor to finish off put lights in, make tiles for the roof ,I take on too much lol oh dear I better get started..........


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