Gnomey and His Mom Together Again

Gnomey and his mom.
After many years apart they are together once again!

Meet Aunt Katri,
Pictured on the left is my Great Aunt Katri, my father's aunt. She just had her 102nd birthday on Dec 6th! I took this photo of her when I was in Finland last year. My daughter made her that card she is holding. She is an amazing lady and I just love her so much. She is full of life, laughter and full of kindness. Her voice is as strong as mine. She still lives on her own!

Coffee and Stories!
When I was visiting her last year we had a lovely time together. For me it was a dream come true to spend time with her. She made me porridge and good strong Finnish coffee. She told me stories, recited poems and played for me the organ. Her and my father look just like brother and sister. I felt right at home when I was with her.

When I was on the plane coming back home to Canada I planned to make 2 Finnish Gnomes, one named Katri and one named Ahti (after my father). Katri would live in the Tree Stump house and her brother's boy, who is 82 yrs old, would live close by. He would look after his aunt and make sure she lived comfortably in the forest. I am so excited today because I can introduce you to my little old gnome lady, (Gnomey's mom), Aunt Katri. She is 102 years old! I think she will have a good life in the Tree Stump house.
Today she is very happy as she just got the news that her brother's boy is on his way to live in the forest too! 
Here she is warming by the fire waiting for Ahti to arrive.

Come back soon and meet Ahti the Finnish Gnome, he's on the way!
Update! Ahti has arrived, meet him here
If you missed the humble beginnings of Aunt Katri the Gnome go here.


  1. My grandma was from Finland too and passed at 101 1/2! She lived with me the last 3 years. They sure come from strong stock! I love your art. I have discontinued so many emails I was following, but yours always puts a smile on my face. Thanks so much for sharing. I love them all!

    1. I do believe the Finnish have strong genes. I have other family members who are much older but all still work long after their friends retire, lol I'm sorry your Grandma passed away but how wonderful she managed to live 101 years, that is amazing! And also that you got to live with her as well. I'm sure you have many good memories to cherish now.

      Thank you very much for the kind words, that sure does mean a lot to me. Happy 2016 and thanks for keeping staying with my blog, that makes me feel awesome!

  2. Did you have Finnish Pulla??? I love that stuff. I got the recipe from my grandmother and I make it now and then.

    1. no I don't but I just looked it up and I'm sure my family had served that to me while I was in Finland. I will make some!!

  3. An amazing lady! She is very pretty too. I just love
    reading this post. The lady gnome is also adorable.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Awwww both the gnomes and the real life sorry is wonderful! Happy Birthday Auntie Kari!

    1. thank you! I'm so happy they are now here too, so many great adventures coming up for them. My father and my aunt are both enjoying seeing themselves in Gnome form, lol it brings them lots of joy :)

  5. I am late to your blog bu enjoy the stories so very much. I am also a crafter so your way of making things really intrigues me. I must try your coffee stirrer floor. It is beautiful


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