Miniature Cast Iron Stove

The story,
Ahti and Gnomey were out walking yesterday and they spotted this old cook stove just off of the trail. "Look at that!" said Ahti as he ran over to it barely believing his own eyes. It took a few seconds for Gnomey to catch up,  "who would just abandon such a fine stove like this?" he asked. They looked it over, opened and closed the doors, checked the pipes for holes. Ahti notes the surface rust but quickly determined it's in working condition. "This is just what we needed Gnomey!" And then he spotted a letter laying in the grass.

It must have blown off the stove. It was all wet and dirty and looks like a snail had a snack off the corner too but thankfully it was still readable,

To the Gnome who finds this,

We had to leave this cookstove behind as our moving snail was finding it too heavy and we have a long journey ahead of us yet. We wanted very much to keep this stove. It has been in our family for many years. It has cooked us many great and memorable meals.

Even though we didn't want to leave it we would find great joy in knowing the Gnome who finds this will need it and can use it. You will find it makes exceptionally tasty bread and coffee always perks to perfection!

If you ever find yourself in Misty Oak Woods please look us up.
Ikle Whirdacker and family

Ahti felt fortunate to be the Gnome who found it. Now they just have to figure out how to get it home. And he suddenly felt very hungry and wanted a coffee!

The How:
I made the stove from foil covered in masking tape. The foil is quite thick so it's very sturdy. The stove top is a piece of cardboard.

I also added a layer of paper towel over the entire surface, working strips at a time by brushing glue on the stove then lay a strip of paper towel over that then brush glue over the paper towel.

I painted it all then added some knicks here and there with black paint then topped with a coat of clear glaze.

The stove top plates are stockboard and I added a bit of rust to the surface with brown paint and cinnamon.

I made a Pot Belly video tutorial. It was built with foil and clay. I hope you enjoy!


  1. love the story!!! Hmm... I wonder will we ever get to meet he Whirdacker, even if it's by mail!!!!!

  2. Enjoy your work and your stories about my favorite gnomes!

  3. Muy bonita. Les vendrĂ¡ muy bien a los gnomos. Estoy deseando ver como queda en la casa

  4. I LOVE everything you do! Your imagination just soars like mine! Keep imagining!

  5. Oh, wow, it's adorable! I'm trying to put together a fairy garden, objects, business myself. I'm from Romania, so I'm trying to find good ideas. Thank you for sharing! :)


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