Freddy the Snail

Meet Freddy,
I started this snail months ago but never finished him until just last week. I made him with foil and paper clay.

He's a riding snail,
I found this tiny leather saddle 2 yrs ago in a thrift store, I think I paid a 1.99 for it. I knew I'd find a good use for it one day. It fits Freddy perfectly! My goodness, it's so cute and even cuter on the snail.

Freddy is  often seen wandering about the forest I'm currently building in my craft room!


  1. Me encanta el caracol con la silla de montar.

  2. I am absolutely mesmerized and enchanted by your little fellows and their homes. This snail is just too darling for words.

  3. I see he lost his purple shell.. He turned out absolutely adorable. Reminds me of the worm in Labyrinth. You do such cut work. I did subscribe to you on YouTube as well. Can't wait to see more. I just recently decided to try my hand at making a fairy village. I want to do several houses and you have me some wonderful ideas.

  4. I love what you do too!!! I am captivated by your tutorials on fake bark and the process for the gnome homes, I cannot get enough! I have finally stared a coffee can and got all the stir sticks in for the walls and floor last night! Can't wait to get all gooey with glue and paper towels!


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