How To Wooden Dollhouse Floors Cheap DIY

Hello Friends!
I have 2 new video tutorials up on youtube. The first is how to make a wooden dollhouse floor for just a couple of dollars and the 2nd is how to stain the floor using instant coffee. I have shown this technique before but those videos needed to be updated. These latest videos also have some helpful tips for working in odd shaped rooms and working on uneven floors. I hope you enjoy!

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Have a great day!


  1. Hi Sharon
    Thank you so much for another great tutorial I have never used the coffee stain method but thanks to you thats what Ill be using from now on
    Looks fabulous!

  2. I've never thought to remodel a wooden dollhouse before. Adding something like that to the dollhouse could be a lot of fun. It's seems like you could even get your child to help you with it too. It would be their first DIY!

  3. So sweet it is. The dollhouse too need wood flooring. For our regular flooring, no doubt wood flooring is one of the best options. I like your video tutorial and it is also too cheap and can be made easily within few time. Nice work! Thanks.

  4. I now use coffee all the time now love it smells divine lol


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