Miniature Postal Cupboard For Gnome Post Office

A Postal cupboard for the Gnome Home.
I made it from wood my Dad gifted me. I stained it with instant coffee and filled it up with tiny letters. Turned out pretty fabulous even though it's simple. I really love it so I made another one. The next one I made  wider. The one thing I'm missing is the tags that would say whose mail is whose. That would be easier for sorting, wouldn't it? I'll have to fix that.

What's in a letter,
With this Gnome Home it seems almost everything I make has some sentimental value to me. The white paper I used to make the miniature mail is actually cut from an envelope my cousin sent me from Finland. The stamps are all cut from the stamps she used to mail it. It makes me smile just looking at this miniature mail. 

 Setting up the Post Office,
This is actually the old Post Office and it no longer exists. I am currently building a bigger P.O.
I'll update this blog post once it's ready to view.

Gnomey runs the Post Office,

The Post Office isn't just the place to get the mail, it's a familiar place where friends feel at home. Here they can catch up on all the latest news.

Treasure from Finland,
I made the postal scale from an acorn cap I picked up in Finland. I picked the caps from the property my Great Grandparents built on and lived at for many years. See more of the scale and how I made it here.

Thanks for looking!
Like I said earlier there's a new Post Office in the works. Keep an eye on this blog for future updates. See you soon.


  1. Nicely done! Am following you now although really I must not go back to making miniatures again! I gave almost all of my things away or donated them as draw prizes to raise funds for cat rescue.
    Id run a dolls house club for years and had articles in the magazines too,
    but recently someone gave me a none too great 1/16th scale house and Ive stripped it down and painted it for my 3 yr old granddaughter to use for her My Little Ponies.
    Then I stumbled on your tree house transformation - but I'm only looking and watching and admiring, right?
    Love your mice and mole too! : )

  2. Yes, you did make me smile. Such a sweet project!


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