Gnomey Found a Baby Mouse

Gnomey found a mouse,

Early this morning while the sun was still sleeping, Gnomey went out mushroom hunting. He pulled his sled behind him and enjoyed the quiet. The only sounds he could hear was the sled skis gliding over the snow and a few early birds chirping a sweet tune.

Halfway to the spot he knew mushrooms were still growing he saw something blue, just over in the bushes, something tiny and blue!

What's that? he asked himself It's moving! He had to investigate.

There he was. A baby mouse clutching a teddy bear and a small blue blanket. He was shivering from the cold and was clearly afraid.

Gnomey's heart fell into his feet. How long has this little guy been out here? He told the little one he had nothing to fear. He asked,

"What's your name?"

But the mouse couldn't talk he just let out a


Gnomey knew he couldn't leave him there. He looked all around for a sign of other mice. He wondered where the mouse's family was, his mother.. father? Oh! He hoped they were okay but he had to take this baby home. He had to get him to a warm place, right now!
He put the little mouse on his sled and set off straight for home. He talked to the mouse along the way. He told him all about Aunt Katri and how she would feed him and love him. "She just loves mice! Oh yes little guy, you're going to be warm and full and can stay with us as long as it takes your family to find you." The little mouse was feeling less afraid now. He felt safe with this Gnome.

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  1. Sharon I love love love watching your videos. Your gnome bed and breakfast is so adorable! I'm going to try to make a gnome house too. Do you have a tutorial on how you made the gnomes? I used your bark technique to make a stump hunting lodge for my grandson for Christmas and he loves it. Thank you for sharing your great talent with us.

  2. Sharon I love love love your gnome bed and breakfast and the lovely life your gnomes live;). Do you have a tutorial for making the gnomes and furniture pieces? I made my first tree stump "hunting lodge" for my grandson and it turned out really cute. He loves it. I want to try to make a bigger gnome home so I appreciate your detailed tutorials. Thank you for sharing your wonderfully amazing talent for turning tin foil, cardboard and such into adorable land of gnomes.


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