Gnomey Found A Baby Mouse

An old story revised,

Some of you will remember this story from 2017. I had to edit the original video clips I made so decided to move the 2-part story along with the edited video here to one page. If this is the first time you're reading this story I hope you enjoy! Video is below the story.

Gnomey found a mouse,

Early one morning, while the sun was still sleeping, Gnomey was walking a well worn path that led to a mushroom patch. This time of year the Oyster Mushroom is still growing and they are delicious when sauteed in butter. The air was crisp and cold and a  blanket of snow covered the ground. He brought his sled with him so he could grab some firewood on the way back after gathering up the mushrooms.

Halfway to the mushroom patch he heard a rustle in the bushes just over to his right.

He stopped walking to listen when he heard it again and then he thought he saw something too. He left his sled where it was and walked over to investigate in case there was an injured bird in need of some help.

And there he was, my goodness, but this was no bird! There in front of him was a baby mouse clutching a teddy bear and a blanket. He was shivering cold and was clearly afraid. Poor little guy was trying his best to disappear but was so afraid he forgot how to run. He just shivered and shook from the top of his ears down to his tiny toes! He held on tight to his little bear and his little blanket for the little bit of comfort they gave him.

Gnomey's heart sank into his feet looking down at this tiny creature. How long had he been out here? Where are his parents? He told the little mouse to not be afraid, he wasn't going to hurt him. He asked the mouse what his name was but the mouse couldn't talk  he just let out a squeak.

Gnomey looked all around again for a sign of other mice. Where is his mother, his father? Oh! Where could they be? He hoped they were okay but he had to take this baby home, he couldn't leave him there in the cold for he would surely freeze to death. He had to get him home and warmed up  as fast as possible!

He put the little mouse on his sled and headed for home. He talked to the mouse along the way to keep him calm and distracted. He told him all about his home and that it was a Bed & Breakfast where creatures from far away came to stay. He talked about his mother and how everyone calls her Aunt Katri even if they aren't related to her because she's wonderful and kind just like  all Aunties should be. He told him what a good cook she was and that she sings and plays the organ.

"My dear mother just loves mice! Oh yes little guy, very soon you will be warm and your tummy will be full. And you can stay with us as long as it takes your family to find you!"

The little mouse felt safe with this Gnome. He was feeling happy that his feet were no longer in the snow. His tummy gave out a little growl then he started thinking about that food the Gnome had talked about and thought about being warm...

As soon as Gnomey got the little mouse home he heated him some milk while Aunt Katri sat with him by the fire. She couldn't believe this baby was out there in the cold! Her heart broke thinking about it and she was so thankful that Gnomey had found him.

"It was meant to be." She said, "You were meant to find him. Send out word tomorrow that we found a baby mouse. We'll keep him here until his family comes for him."

They spent the rest of the day keeping the mouse as happy as they could. He ate cheese and drank warm milk until his little belly was full. They read him stories and showed him around the Bed & Breakfast.

That night they got an old basket from one of the guest rooms that will work as a cradle. He will sleep in Aunt Katri's room so he's not alone.

She tucked him in as snug as a bug in a rug! She pulled the basket up close to her then she played the organ and quietly sang a lullaby.

 "Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Put your little cares away. Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Tomorrow is another day. Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Close your little eyes of blue! Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La, Pretty dreams will come to you"

He drifted off to sleep feeling safe and warm...

I put a short video together using the photos I took of the gnome, the mouse, and of the snow too! I didn't realize at that time what a great story this would make.
This was all done in 2017. I did plan on coming up with an ending to this story but as of today that ending hasn't come to me. I'm sure one day it will!

The lullyby is part of a song by Hank Carter. My father sang this to me countless times when I was a little girl.


  1. I love everything about this!!!! The characters, the story, your imagination makes me so happy!


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