Paddington Thrift Store Make Over

I gave my vintage Paddington a makeover,
In 2014 I found this miniature Paddington in a thrift store. I loved him even though his coat was all faded and falling apart. It was obvious he had been sitting on a windowsill for years where the sun took a toll.

Where I found him,

As I was wandering about in a thrift store I spotted him laying at the bottom of an empty sorting cart with no price tag. I think he must have fallen out of a goody bag. He's definitely small enough to go unnoticed. The lady there pretty much just let me have him charging only a quarter. He really was a thrifty find!

He is 2 inches tall. His foot is stamped, Eden. He's flocked with no moving parts.

Please look after this bear!
I really did plan on looking after him but then I forgot all about him! Poor guy. 3 years went by when I found him again stored away in a junk box in my closet.

 It didn't take much to freshen him up!
I made the new coat by cutting wee sections of fabric.
A section for the back, front and arms.
I used glue for attaching all the fabric parts. I glue each section right over the old coat.
I painted his faded yellow hat with acrylic craft paint then used a clear spray on sealer over the paint. The buttons are toothpicks that I cut and added a line with a pen to make it look like his coat is buttoned up.

He's a traveling bear
His first trip was to the B&B where Aunt Katri greeted hm at the door. She said,

"Hello, little Bear. You look hungry. Would you like to come in and have some stew? Can I take your coat. My, what a wonderful coat it is!"

Paddington replied,

"Yes please! I am indeed very hungry today. I have been trying to get here for 3 years. I was held up in a place where it was dark. My coat was dusty and old.. it made me sneeze. This morning when I woke up the sun was shining. I had a new coat and ..."

He went on to tell her all about it, interrupting himself to tell her the stew smells delicious!


  1. Paddington Bear is sooo cute! I'm glad you are looking after him.


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