Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Skeleton Fairy

I'm sure you've all seen the gif on facebook? If not, google "Skeleton Fairy". I saw it last year.. or maybe even 2 yrs ago and ever since have  wanted my own Skeleton Fairy.

Finally, today, here he is! I named him Steven. He now sits on a dark cloud here at my desk.. giggling away. I will make him a little room box of his own one day but for now he's fine where he is.   

What I used to make the Skeleton Fairy:
  • plastic skeleton ~ try to get one with a long neck. The one pictured on the left is not the one I used to make Steven.
  • 1 pair of dollar store butterfly wings, painted. I used nail polish then white washed them when they were dry.
  • white paint ~ it comes off the plastic skeleton when rubbed so maybe a primer first?
  • x-acto knife ~ I cut down the middle of his teeth so his jaw would open. I also cut all the limbs then glued them back in the position I wanted.
  • hot glue
  • cardboard covered in white stuffing for the cloud
  • black paint for darkening the cloud
  • toothpick with a star glued on for the wand.
  • crinoline and needle and thread for the skirt.


  1. What a great guy! lol
    I used some of these plastic skeletons 2/3 years back but Id painted them slate grey with dry brushed white and dressed them in sparkly bits then strung them in a garland one Christmas. They each had a tinkly bell and a tiny bustle of sorts in xmas fabric.
    They flew off the stall so fast and Id not taken any photos, will have to make some more somewhen. I even sold the one I was going to keep for myself lol

  2. I've never heard of Skeleton Fairy before, where have you been all my life?

    Thanks for sharing! You did an awesome job!


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