Friday, March 4, 2016

Huge Addition and Announcement For The Tree Stump House

Hello Friends,

It's been so long since I updated this blog with news of  the Tree Stump dollhouse. But I have been updating my facebook page almost everyday! If you're on facebook make sure to stop by and hit the like button so you don't miss anything in the future, Dollhouses And The Thing That Go In Them. I'll try and fill you in here though so you can catch up, lots has changed.  It's no longer a "little" house!!

Okay, let's back up to January, this is where it all started.

My father came by to visit one day and he was looking at the dollhouse. He sure got a kick out of the little Gnomes and he enjoyed the stories that I came up with. But this one day he was standing there and looking for a real long time, just looking all over the house. I could see he was thinking about something so I asked him, "What's up Dad? What are you thinking?" And then he let it all out. "Where's the bathroom? And the Kitchen? Where's the kitchen, how can Aunt Katri make any porridge with no kitchen? And the walls. The walls should be more round, like a tree!  It's cute but it needs a bathroom, a kitchen and round walls." LOL OKAY Dad! Don't hold anything back now! hahaha

So I thought to myself, well maybe in a couple months I could make some changes that would make that crazy father of mine real happy but fate had other plans! I got the urge almost right away, that inspiration that can't be fought to make the changes my Dad wanted to see. So I went to work, I think it was around 1am and I worked every night and every spare moment in the day, everyday and night since. Some nights I worked until the sun came up! I couldn't stop once I got
started.The little house used to have 2 rooms but now it has 10 rooms (that includes one room with a loft inside a  tower), 2 tunnels, a workshop and wrap around staircases!

With loads of tinfoil,  masking tape, absolutely no plans and all hyped up on coffee, off I went...

it grew and grew and grew!

Along the way there were times I felt a little overwhelmed! Like this moment after working all night, painting and molding and painting some more. Adding clay here and there. Hours and hours of work, and always, nothing looking right! I felt just like Richard Dreyfuss looked when he was losing his mind in Close Encounters and he built himself a mountain in his living room. The only difference was my mountain was in my kitchen. I laughed at myself this night and just went to bed!

But with some sleep and a little more work things started turning around. I could see a magnificent Tree House coming together. It was this moment my imagination started working again! I love this feeling.

Now this house is still a work in progress, there's so much more to be done, it's rather plain on the exterior but that will be changing as soon as I find the right "something". And the grounds will be changing, there will be mushrooms and other things to make it look more alive. But this is what it looks like right now. My Dad absolutely LOVES this house now. Look at that smile! In fact I caught this moment on video for my facebook page followers, it turned out all blurry but you can hear his reaction when he saw the addition right here

After that photo above, he added a storage shelf and wheels  for me. It was getting very difficult to move before the wheels were put on! Oh, I should have told you, this house is now permanently attached to an old card table. It measures 30 inches on all sides, it will just squeeze through a regular doorway, lol HUGE!

Each side is its own world. Here's the other side, lots to be done yet but I'm sure enjoying working on it!

Below, on the left side is the house at the start of January and the right is the view of the same side on March 4th. What a difference a couple of months makes, wow!
If you're curious about the sign hanging in the entrance, that's the other big announcement! This is no longer just Aunt Katri's house, this is Aunt Katri's Bed and Breakfast! There will be guests, lots of guests coming to stay here just as soon as I'm finished the building part we can open for business!

I'll have much more to show you soon and there will be a video update, I just can't say a date for that. We'll see where inspiration leads me. And like I said, join me on facebook, I update there almost daily.

Thank you for stopping by, see you again soon!

UPDATE! The house now has furniture and even more additions! See all that here in a video update.


  1. This looks great and so cute.It's amazing how you make your doll houses (although, this is a gnome house ;)) Very wel done !!

  2. Just wow! I just joined you on Facebook and I'm going back to see how all this came about. Needless to say, I love what you've done.

    1. thank you so much!! Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm always happy to tell a story or introduce a character :)

  3. Sharon, this is absolutely jaw-dropping! I want to shrink down to gnome size and come stay when you open for business :-)




    1. Thank you so much Beth, I appreciate that and it's really nice to see you!

      You are welcome to stay once it's open, we'll have a bed ready for you :)

  4. Incredible! Your dad choked me up. He's so sweet. You rexorded some wonderful memories with him you'll never regret.


  5. ¡Fantástico trabajo! Es imaginativo, original y encantador.

  6. Muito Criativo estou pretendo aprender adorei a ideia.


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