Miniature Junk Journal Fits Inside A Matchbox

My wee Junk Journal,

It fits inside a matchbox! I made this tiny journal myself after making a few life sized journals. I eventually have to minimize everything at least once!

What is a junk journal,
A junk journal is a book you can make yourself  using paper, fabric and whatever else you want to throw in there. Sew it all together, add a cover, and you've got a junk journal. You can use them for writing in, drawing or just use the process itself as a form of journaling.

Now lets look at my tiny journal, the actual flip thru starts at 1 minute and 59 seconds. You can fast forward through the into if you want to. I hope you enjoy!

 If you're interested, just type in "junk journals for beginners" in the youtube search bar then get prepared to weed through hundreds of videos. It can be a bit over whelming at first.

Also check out Amity BloomJohanna Clough, and Nik The Booksmith. You will find lots of inspiration just flipping through their junk journals with them.


  1. This is adorable beyond words!

  2. I haven't heard about junk journaling yet,how fun! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Oh my, Sharon! I love journaling and I love miniatures. Can't believe I've never put the two together. You have done a marvelous job of it as usual. This is too, too neat. So, dish, which gnome is the journaler?

  4. I have discoveredyou on facebook. I love so much your small world and the story ! And this is a wonderful book ! I will be nice to read you soon. Friendly


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