Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hypholoma Fasciculare Sulfur Tufts Mushrooms

sulfer tufts mushrooms vancouver island canada

Hypholoma fasciculare (sulfer tufts),
I'm no expert, I had to google them to find out they are sulfer tufts and they are poisonous. But oh my goodness, aren't they fascinating to look at! I love the cluster they grow in and that gorgeous color.
I found these ones yesterday (October 8th/2018) in my backyard  growing over top a root I had cut down to ground level earlier this year. The root must be rotting beneath the ground making it a perfect environment for these to grow.
October ~ British Columbia, Canada
sulfer tufts growing in british columbia canada

Look. Don't touch,
My kids are just as fascinated with them as I am, in fact, it was my son that came in to tell me these were in our backyard. We take pictures when they see them but we all know to never touch them. I don't have enough knowledge to determine in an instant which ones are safe and which ones aren't.

Toadstool or mushroom,
Some say a toadstool refers to inedible or  poisonous mushrooms and mushrooms refer to the edible ones. As I said earlier, I'm no expert so call them all mushrooms, as many of us do. I guess I can safely say the ones growing at this moment in my backyard are referred to as toadstools.

Where The Gnomes Live,
While you're here, why not check out my youtube channel, Where The Gnomes Live. There I have video tutorials showing how I make trees, mushrooms, and whatever else I feel like making.
(also on instagram)
You could make a  gentle old tree holding a handful of mushrooms like the one pictured. I made him exactly the  same way I show you how to make this spooky tree with glowing eyes and creepy finger branches in this video tutorial.

handmade tree man holding mushrooms

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