How To Make Fabric Rugs For The Dollhouse

Simple Upholstery Fabric Rugs,
I found a bunch of  upholstery scraps in the thrift store and scooped them up for crafting with. All of it is gorgeous with wonderful textures and colors. I turned some pieces into rugs for the Gnome Home.

  • Add fringe trim. For a more vintage look, stain the fringe with tea or coffee, let dry, then sew it on the fabric.
  • Get a fringed look with out adding trim by fraying the ends of the fabric. Upholstery fabric frays like a dream! You have to make a stop line by sewing across the inside so the ends don't continue fraying once you're done.
  • If you do not have a sewing machine you can brush glue along your cut lines, on the underside of the fabric, to keep the edges from fraying. 

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