How To Make Simple Dollhouse Cupboards

Hello everyone,
I started building in the Gnome Home again, this time I'm in the kitchen. I needed cupboards, the perfect size for Aunt katri since she'll be the one doing all the cooking.

Starting at the beginning,
I'm starting the kitchen from scratch firstly replacing the old stone floor I had put in  originally. I tore that out and replaced it with a checker board I found in the thrift store. The walls are foam board covered in scrapbook paper.

Simple cupboards,
For the cupboard tutorial itself I filmed a video. There's no way I could explain it all in written form. I made a bunch of mistakes along the way. I wasn't even planning on a video but decided part way through to turn on the camera because I could see it was going to turn out okay after all.

Supplies list for cupboards:

foam board - cardboard would work too
wood filler or clay
x-acto knife
ruler or any straight edge
tacky glue
hot glue - optional but helpful
masking tape - optional but helpful
acrylic craft paint

Part one:
This video will show you how I made the bottom half of the cupboards and how I made the faucet and taps. It also shows how I attached the top right corner to the wall.

Part two:
This video shows how I built the top corner cupboard and how I added the 2 shelves between the top cupboards.

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