How I Made A Wizard Staff With No Wood Or Clay

The wizard's staff,
I have had this tutorial available on my other blog since April 2018. I decided to add it here to this blog because I want to refer to it in future posts without having to send you away from this blog.

The wizard doll pattern,

The wizard doll is a free crochet pattern on my other blog, Amigurumi To Go, here. The pattern has a full video tutorial as well.

For The Staff You will need:
aluminum foil
masking tape
tissue paper or paper towel
white glue
black paint
brown paint
beige or tan paint
1 bead, any color

A tip for displaying the staff on my instagram for crochet.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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  1. Sharon, as always, this is fabulous! I absolutely love this little magic staff. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.


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