Well Dressed Mole Named Henry

His Friends Call Him Henry,
Let me introduce Arthur Henry Horn the 3rd. His friends and family call him Henry because his grandfather and father were already using the name Arthur.

Henry comes from a long line of extremely smart moles. Henry himself is a Professor. Well, he's semi-retired now. He tutors young students and enjoys that immensely. Even though Henry is now an elderly mole he walks very quickly and always seems to be in a hurry.

(I named him after my good friend's grandfather, Arthur Henry Horn)

A tiny watch!

I also made a tiny pocket watch, which he can hold, out of a very tiny catholic locket. I found this locket in a thrift store and knew I could use it for something. It's the perfect size for a miniature pocket watch.
On the left side is pictured his grandfather, Arthur Henry Horn (photo from "Wind in the Willows"). The watch face is a photo of a real antique pocket watch face. It turned out more awesome than I ever could have imagined!

A Well dressed Mole,
I wanted this character to be well dressed, in a suit if I could manage that. I don't have much sewing skill but I was so determined that I did end up making him a 3 piece suit after all. I am over the moon that I did it! Where there's a will there's always a way! All his little accessories like his watch and glasses add to his charm. I love him.

What time is it, Henry?

"Let's see...Oh! it's 10 to 2. I'm a little early for tea with the Gnome, I hope he doesn't mind".

The Gnome didn't seem to mind at all..
"Come on in, I've been waiting for you!", said the Gnome with a big welcoming smile!

Note to self - Just believe!
It's hard to believe that Henry even made it into the world. I had my doubts when I started and especially when I got to the where he looked like he did in the photo below. I actually took that photo because I was laughing at what I had made, I thought he looked so weird, lol. but I have a desire to fill up my Gnome Home with as many characters as I can so I keep trying!

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  1. I love Henry! You did a wonderful job creating this little guy and giving him personality. Do you have any step by step tutorials on making him or another creature? I'd love to learn!

  2. Desde luego es todo un personaje. Muy bonito el reloj.


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