How To Make Tiny Clay Mushrooms

Let's make some tiny clay mushrooms,
In today's video I'm going to show you how I made  tiny mushrooms. These are great for display on the grounds of your Fairy or Gnome Home.

Updated information about polymer clays,
I have since edited my video and included some important information about using nail polish on clay. It's apparently a big no no.
Nail polish over clay will soften it and turn it sticky.  I painted my clay first with acrylic paint then added the clear coat so I think my works have been protected by the paint because everything dried just fine.
But it's something I have to warn you about as I don't want anyone to be making something then ruin it by using a nail polish as I have.
You can use any water based sealer or a special glaze especially made for polymer clay.

Supplies needed:
sculpey clay
glass baking pan
craft paint in:
antique white (cream), tan, and burnt umber, 
a small bowl of water
small paint brush
water based glossy sealer or polymer clay glaze

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