How To Make Miniature Hurricane Lamps Using Beads and Tubing

Bead lamps,
I did not come up with the idea for using beads to make little lamps, it's an idea I've seen in the miniature world for many years, I have no idea who first came up with this idea but whoever they are, brilliant!

Shape glass from plastic tubes,

If you google bead lamps you will most likely find ones using clear push pins as the glass, which is great, but I have figured out a way to shape fish tank tubing instead which will give you a more realistic look for the glass.

The thrift store,
I found the beads, bead caps, and the eye pins that I needed to make a couple lamps using one thrifty find necklace. I often buy jewelry from thrift stores just for crafting with. Sometimes you can find bulk bags filled with broken bits, those bags always are fun to find!

tacky glue will work but for best results use jewelry glue
20 gauge wire or corsage pins (large stick pin)
eye pins or 24 gauge wire
bead caps in assorted sizes

The glass top:

I have a separate video for making the glass where I use 10mm fish tank tubing. If you don't have any fish tank tubing on hand but want to get started you can use clear push pins, beads or any clear cylinder you can find. I've seen people use old glass fuses, just remove all the metal.

Size of lamp,
You can make an assortment of sizes suitable for the 1/12th scale. You can also make very tiny ones depending on the size of beads you use.

Show me yours!

Post pictures of your mini lamp on my facbook page, Where The Gnomes Live or tag me on instagram

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

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  1. How do you shape the fish tank line?

    1. if you scroll up from this comment section just a little ways, the video is there for you, I show the whole process


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