Steven The Skeleton Fairy

Meet Steven,
He is a skeleton fairy I made in 2017 after being inspired by a Skeleton Fairy gif that I saw going around on facebook.
You can google "skeleton fairy gifs" to see bunches of them. The gif below is the one that inspired Steven and his cloud that you see in my cover photo.

The creator of the original gifs,
The guy who first came up the skeleton fairy is Kajetan Obarski. His facebook page is called,  Death Fairy Tales.

What I used to make him,
I made Steven using a dollar store skeleton, plastic butterfly wings, paint, and some crinoline. To get him to sit on the cloud I had to break his bones then glue them back on in the position I wanted him.
His cloud is polyester stuffing, I used black chalk to darken the underside of it. He no longer sits on the cloud though.

How to make him jointed?
After I made Steven I thought about different ways to make him jointed then a fellow miniature maker came up with an awesome way to do it!

Ara Bentley is an amazing artist that will blow your mind with her tutorials. She's on facebook, Bentley House Minis. Her youtube channel has the same name.
Even if you're not interested in the skeleton do check out her other amazing minis!

Click here for her jointed / poseable skeleton video tutorial. I haven't tried it yet but maybe one day Steven will get some joints. Oh my, he could really get into trouble then, lol.

Steven can cause problems,
If he excitedly waves that wand about  things could go horribly wrong.  2 summers ago he was out in the garden when this happened...

oops! I killed everything, sorry, I got excited.


Where is he right now?

Today Steven sits in my craft room overseeing everything. He keeps me company and I can usually find him somewhere around my desk, normally up high, looking down at my crafting station.  I like him, he's perfectly harmless... until he waves that wand of his.

Steven thanks you for stopping by. Do come again!


  1. He's so cute. And yes Ara is very creative. I love her videos. As much as I love yours. You both have taught me so much.

  2. Steven is adorable. I love his back story. And he looks like the GIF. Thanks for sharing- he's awesome.

  3. You and Ara are very creative, imaginative and have such wonderful voices for the narrative portion of your videos. Hmm, now I'm wondering how you would do an Addams Family House but with gnomes! Thanks for sharing Steven with us but do watch out for his wand.


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