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Hello! You were looking for something crocheted, weren't you? All my toy crochet patterns moved to my other blog, Amigurumi To Go.

Alien, monkey, Coraline, Little Bigfoot Animals, Veggie Tales and many more!

Amigurumi To Go
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  1. Hello Sharon,
    I first found you when I was looking for fake bark to make a fairy house, then I found your amigurumi and fell in love I was wondering if you have any penguin patterns my three granddaughters were discussing what they wanted for Christmas one said she wanted a pink monkey one said she wanted a blue monkey and the littlest one says I want a penguin lol so now im looking for penguin patterns lol I love both of your sites Where The Gnomes live is awesome and so is Amigurumi to go thank you so much for your talents Reita Carnett

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I posted this question somewhere else, but can't find where I posted it! LOL. So I'll ask here.
    In making your patterns, when we do a st 2tog, and insert a marker, do you put it in the first stitch or the 2nd stitch? or both? Thank you.

    1. I'll copy and paste from my original reply.

      I'm not sure if I understood the question right but when you crochet 2 stitches together you turn 2 stitches into one so there's no first or second. I have a recent video that might help you see it better, fast forward this video to about 17 min

  3. Thank you! I watched the video and at 17:45 is where you put the marker between the TWO loops -- when you have 3 loops on the needle, and pull the yarn through all 3 loops, it leaves two little spots where you COULD put the marker, and you put it in the FIRST one! So that is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you so much for the video link!!

    1. I see what you mean now but it's still just one stitch when we complete the 2tog so it doesn't matter where you pull the marker through that 2tog, not really, I don't even pay attention to what loop I would be pulling it through. If there's 2 loops under the stitch, it's still only the one stitch that counts.

      If you look down at the top of the row you should see the "V" of each stitch in the row, you want to pull the marker through the very last "V" of the row and that would be the last stitch you worked, whether it be a 2tog, a single crochet, or a stitch that ended with 2sc. Just worry about the "V" of the one stitch that ended the row.


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