Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dresser Turned Dollhouse Recycle Unwanted Furniture

Recently I had a small dresser that we had grown out of.. it was passed to each of my children over the years and I decided it was time to get rid of it and put it out on my porch awaiting a dump run. A week or so went by and I started to think maybe just maybe I could turn it into a dollhouse! Weird I know, but one of my other obsessions is dollhouses. So I hauled it into my kitchen and started taking it apart...
It has been well used over the last 15 years!

Once I took it apart I realized a
couple things. One, it was too deep and two, the spaces between the floors would be to short. So I had to strip it completely and size it down and space out the floors.

Yes, I work in my kitchen, lol

So once I measured out a good distance for the floors and sawed everything down it was time to piece it back together...

OK, all together and ready for wallpaper and flooring! I found an excellent site that provides free printables for dollhouses, super awesome! Check them out here

Once I got the wallpaper and flooring printed off I decided to use sticky shelf paper for two of the floors as well. It's a good idea to try out different looks before gluing!

Ok, not bad but it seemed a little dull to me. The middle floor was too large  and I wanted a roof and a garden! Luckily I had a dollhouse that no one wanted to play with because it was too low to the ground and too deep and heavy. It sat on top of my fridge for a long time collecting dust! So I got out my saw and hammer again...

Not a user friendly house so lets take it apart...

And look at all the treasures I get too!!

No, the roof did not fit like this when I removed it from the other house! I had to saw it and piece it back together too!

I ended up with a hole that had to be filled

Ok, now I'm starting to really like this house and my kids are now starting to see the light at the end of an ugly tunnel...

There's a space at the bottom! Just enough room for a garden... I'll use the top of the dresser that I removed and some of those treasures I got when I took apart the other house..

I LUV the garden!!

So starting from the top let's recap!

We're still moving in so excuse the lack of decor

Kitchen is not done!

First thing this morning my daughter see's the new house...

Success! She likes it.. but we are far from done. The kitchen has to be completed with a sink, stove and so on. And still have to hang pictures But I'll leave that for another day. Now back to my crocheting!

To see this as a Castle
click here


  1. This makes me want to build my own dollhouse! Too bad my only skill is with a hook and yarn :(

    Great job though! I wish I was young enough that I could still play with dolls lol

  2. You are amazing!!!! I love the transformation :). I want to see more :).

    Thank you for your interest in my blog . I am glad I found you!

  3. So Awesome Sans!! Thank you :D I am really enjoying your blog and wonderful ideas you share... great to have found you in this wonderful blog world :)

  4. This is a great idea! I especially like the transformation to castle.

  5. thanks De, the castle is my favorite too and it has grown with an addition!! I'll get some more pics up soon :)

  6. Awesome!!!! I am going to make a doll house for myself and to share with my child :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad to hear that, keep me posted on how it goes for you :)

      Happy Building!


  7. zo mooi je bent een echt kunstenaar
    ik hoop dat je het kan vertalen
    groetjes van pam L

  8. Fantastic job!I love then pullout garden!


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