Saturday, May 23, 2015

Log Bed Built For A Gnome

Oh my goodness, what a beauty if I do say so myself!

Late last night I got the urge to build a bed for my Gnome house. I knew I want a rustic looking bed so I looked online for inspiration and found many life sized log beds and just chose a simple log bed to pull inspiration from.

I made the log frame with tin foil and covered them with masking tape. I inserted toothpicks at all the joins and hot glued everything together, keeping the toothpicks inside as stabilizers. This worked surprisingly well.

I covered each piece with a homemade paper mache clay. (I used a  recipe by Jonni Good found here. It was one of her older recipes. The only issue with the air dry clay is it shrunk up a bit after a week and I had to sand the bottom of the legs to get the bed to sit even again.) I shaped the "logs' as I went along, making sure to mold in extra stabilizing parts at each join. Once
I was satisfied with the look I popped it in the oven for 20 min at 175.

After the bed cooled I went to work on the stain using instant coffee. For the darker areas I used a thick paste of instant coffee mixed with only a drop or 2 of water.

And now look at the finished  color, it's beautiful!!

So now I have to seal it. I realized quickly that I can't used a brush on seal as it tends to wipe off the coffee stain even though I baked it on. As soon as I can I'll go to town and grab a spray on sealer. While I'm waiting to go to town I'll get started on the mattress. Oh, and I'll have to also make bed slats so the mattress has something to sit on.

Come back soon and see the bed all dressed.. oh I can't wait to get it made up with a quilt or something!

So hard to believe I started with tin foil, masking tape and tooth picks!

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

UPDATE: I've made the slats and a mattress, see them here


  1. Es toda una cama especial para Gnomos.

  2. Lol, I thought you made it from real wood Sharon! 😊

    1. thanks so much! I showed my Dad yesterday and he was so shocked after seeing it, feeling it, and looking it over.. then I told him what it was made out of and the look on his face was priceless!

  3. going backwards reading the posts (which I am always in behind reading, sorry about that)... and can't believe what I see!
    Amazing and wonderful work as always.
    many times I am afraid to look what you've made, because I know, will end up till late night (morning hours) working on something you showed and I had to try! :D
    Your creative mind has no limits and I love that about you and you work. You are amazing person Sharon!!!
    This bed is gorgeous!

    1. never ever feel bad about not reading posts on either of my blogs. I know all too well how busy designers are and the fact you see any of my posts is a thrill.
      In fact, I'm always the last to know anything on facebook, lol. People assume I'm on all the time but I actually just update my pages, scroll through the messages and I'm off as quick as I can. I have to spend so much time there as it is so any spare time I may have I like to spend doing other things here at home.. like building stuff or crocheting. I totally understand, and for you to take time to read my stuff is really appreciated Vanja, truly!

      And thank you! I look at this bed today and I'm so in love with it. I hope to get a more detailed tutorial up for others. I used to wish with all my heart to have similar things for my dollhouse but prices or the know-how always seemed out of reach. To be able to make this myself out of simple things like tin foil and instant coffee just makes me SO happy!

    2. My goodness I have been dollhousing for over 20 years and never seen anything like this, I am learning more tricks here it seems. I just have always wanted to make stick furniture never in my lifetime would I have thought "Use Foil" the outcome is brilliant Sharon thank you soo much for sharing your tips! that's next on my list of makings!

    3. oh yes! And just before Halloween I tried making logs without the clay and it works brilliant! Roll tinfoil, cover with masking tape then cover with glue soaked paper towel. Dry in the oven.
      Then using instant coffee mixed with water, stain it. Dry again then spray with a matte sealer. Works so good and it's a super quick way to do logs or sticks. I just did my mushroom house deck this way. I'm doing another project today using the same method.


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