Matchbox Dresser

Matchbox dresser,
I'm so pleased with how it turned out.
I cut a few pieces of cardboard and framed them around 4 matchboxes using masking tape. The top two I kept separate, the bottom two matchboxes I turned into one large drawer by cutting out the middle divider once they boxes had been taped together.
I used a mirror from a powder blush compact and framed that with homemade clay.
The foil pieces were supposed to be legs but those didn't turn out. I changed my mind and used clay instead.

The photos below are from a previous attempt at a dresser, I included the photo so you could get an idea how I framed it. I spread a very thin layer over the entire surface of the cardboard frame and let it completely dry. Once dry I stained the syrface with instant coffee. Once the coffee stain was dry I sealed the color in with a clear spray sealer. I used the same technique when making a log bed

Below is the matching log bed.
I'm currently using both the dresser and the bed in my Gnome Home.  Go here to see how I made the bed.


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