Thursday, January 14, 2016

Miniature Braided Rug

The boys tried their hand at rug making. Aunt Katri was in desperate need of a rug since the floors are pretty cold in the mornings before the fire gets lit. They quietly snuck it in while she was sleeping. I think she'll love it. One of you boys should light that fire before she wakes up, get it all cozy in there!

Aunt katri was so surprised she dropped her cane! She couldn't believe what the boys had done. She had no idea they knew how to make rugs. She just couldn't believe it. Feeling so grateful she said,
"Thank you my boys, thank you. You are so good to me!"

The How:

I want to make another one or two then give a pattern for it. 2 different times I had to undo and start again because I crocheted too tightly which made it buckle. Live, learn and 3rd time was the charm! When it was all done it was just just a tad wavy so I sprayed it with water and pinned it flat then left it overnight. It lays perfectly flat now. I love it! I'll have to try other color combos too, so many possibilities.

I'll be trying other methods for making braided rugs too. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.
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  1. The boys are just great for making that beautiful rug for aunt Katri!

  2. Sooo cute and lovely! Your gnomes have certainly taken on a life of their own. I LOVE their little adventures ^_^


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