Thursday, July 10, 2014

Video Dollhouse Reno Gut and Flip Part One

Hello friends!

It's been 5 months since I posted anything new here.  I haven't been completely out of the blogosphere though, I've been very busy with my other blog Amigurumi To Go and posting crochet toy patterns with video tutorials like crazy!
And some of you might of noticed that this blog, Homemade Obsessions got a new look with some updates too. So I've been here on this blog too, just behind the scenes :)

Anyway, I've got news ~>  I've been building a dollhouse again, yahooo! I tell you, once the building bug hits me I just get all consumed!  That means every spare moment, when I'm not
doing my other duties that life requires me to do, I'm elbow deep in this house. And it feels awesome to be at it again with my creative juices flowing faster than I can paddle through them!

I say "I'm building" but it's actually a dollhouse gut and flip. I'm turning a regular wooden dollhouse into a tree stump house. Some of you might even remember this old house. I shared it on my facebook page in 2012.. wow, that feels like forever ago now! The house was given to me in neglected condition. It was dirty with peeling wallpaper, shingles missing, the rugs were falling apart and very dirty. So I just did the basic reno with fresh paint and replaced the paper and stripped the floors. 

My daughter enjoyed playing with it for a few months then it sat untouched until 4 days ago when I got the urge to give it another reno but this time just go all out and leave nothing the same.  And I've been capturing the stages on video!

A brief rundown:

1) stripped everything and removed the roof
2) put in wooden floors & changed the layout of the top floor
3) reshaped all windows
4) reshaped interior walls
5) reshaped exterior walls
6) added new roof with extensions on both ends

You can see the house before and after I stripped it in the video but here's all the goodies I salvaged.. it's like a goldmine for a future project :)

Salvaged all the parts!
Once I stripped it, I built it back up with  tin foil and glue and covered it with burlap then with newspaper that was soaked in glue and water.

I wanted curves, rounded corners and uneven lines and I achieved it beautifully. I know it's hard to imagine what this will look like by the photos here, but trust me, it's going to be awesome!

Oh! I am totally in love with these new floors. Imagine what they will look like once I get a stain on them , they will be so beautiful!!

Part one of the video diary is right here

I did my best to give tips and pointers as I went along in case some of you have an old dollhouse you'd like to gut too :)

video Part 2 here
video Part 3 here

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


  1. Loved it and can't wait to see how you finish it!!


    1. almost ready to wrap up part 4.. tomorrow or the next day *fingers crossed*

  2. De momento has realizado un gran trabajo .Lo bonito vendr√° luego.

  3. It's so fascinating watching this dollhouse evolve. Do you have plans for a family to live in it? Maybe some mice? or little gnomes?

    1. Thanks Linda! And yes, I do have the occupants already planned out. They will be something very special and meaningful to me * I don't want to spill the beans yet on who or what ;) I'm hoping to wrap up the house part soon and get to making them

  4. I love your enthusiasm! Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. The bark houses look so realistic. Thank you for sharing your technique. How did you make the balcony and steps on the fairy/gnome house?

    1. I used the same methods I used on the house. The balcony is cardboard cut to fit then covered in bark on the bottom and the floor part same as in the house. The steps are tin foil pieces hot glued together. I made the steps in sections. I'm hoping to do a how to video one day soon


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